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Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie | Watch Online Trailer

Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie journal drama movie about Jacqueline Kennedy who battle through trouble and stress to reattain her trust, comfort her kids, and explain her husband’s remaekable bequest. Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie directed by Pablo Larraín and written by Noah Oppenheim. JACKIE is a fierce and familiar representation of one of the very important and terrible moments in American history. The Movie cast Natalie Portman as the formal role , with Greta Gerwig, Peter Sarsgaard, Max Casella, Beth Grant, Billy Crudup, Richard E. Grant and John Hurt in supporting character. So, it was nominate to participate for the Golden Lion at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie follow The  First Lady in White House and murder of her husband Head of State John F. Kennedy, in 1963.

Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie:


There have been multiple movie and Television Show that distribute with Kennedy’s murder and/or its aftermath. Overall he story written by Noah Oppenheim was initially design as an HBO mini-series and report the “four days between John F. Kennedy’s murder and his interment, record Jackie at both her most unguarded and her most stylish” with Steven Spielberg set to present the series. However, Spielberg after left the work.

Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie

Larrain is not a huge fan of biographical film and was originally uncertain to direct one when he was provided the chance. He disclose that although he did not have any history or knowledge about John F. Kennedy’s murder, he attach with Jacqueline Kennedy. Preliminary to working in Jackie, he only worked in the movie focus on male title role rather than female. Therefore, Jackie is the 1st movie that he could near from a female’s view. Then he improve attraction in the lady later understanding more about her.


In April 2010, it was declare that Rachel Weisz would perform in the formal character, with Darren Aronofsky put to direct and produce the movie from Oppenheim’s story. However, Weisz and Aronofsky leave out later their break. The similar year, Steven Spielberg display attraction in manage the movie.

Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie

At the 65th Berlin International Film Festival in Feb 2015, Pablo Larrain was tackle by Aronofsky to direct the movie later he was inspire by the old  The Club. But Larrain was doubter and question to Aronofsky why he need a South America fellow to manage the movie and since he was not devotrd of biographical movie. In May 2015, Portman was committed to star in the movie. That similar month, Larrain was hired to direct the movie with Aronofsky active as a producer. By 2015 Cannes Film Festival, the movie was an foemal go. The support of the cast – Greta Gerwig and Peter Sarsgaard – were declare between May and October of that year.


Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie follow The  First Lady in White House and murder of her husband Head of State John F. Kennedy, in 1963. JACKIE is a scathing, and confidential story of one of the very  famous and sad moments in American history. JACKIE places us in her world during the days immediately capturing her husband’s killer.

Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie

Here we watch a psychological emotional impression of the First Lady as she fight to retain her husband’s heritage. After Murder  of her husband John F Kennedy, Jackie unroll in a mosaic-like process, following only the argument but final stage in her life while continue controlling, to cover a lot of ground. The story doesn’t just go back and forth between the terrible and sad day in Dallas. The schedule of the President’s burial, her time spent conduct her husband’s sarcophagus to Arlington cemetery.

Natalie Portman as Iconic First Lady in ‘Jackie’

In the case of Noah Oppenheim’s story of Jackie that interval comprise 5 years, which has climax in the first photo of the movies performer Natalie Portman occupy the character. You can watch this first look at the long gestating movie. The best part about Jackie’s wxtant is that it rejoin Natalie Portman with her Black Swan director, Darren Aronofsky – Even his existence on the movie is that of a producer, rather than a director.

Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie

Still, with both Aronofsky and Portman working for the same target of creating this unique biography movie, you can’t help but seem like the band has bring back jointly for a couple further songs the public will appreciate. So, the young girl -perform-First Lady is an American icon  and calm throughout a time of disaster. Then, performer Natalie Portman has revive her story in Jackie, a cool emotional drama about her life.


  • Natalie Portman as Jacqueline “Jackie” Kennedy Onassis
  • Greta Gerwig as Nancy Tuckerman
  • John Carroll Lynch as Lyndon B. Johnson
  • Caspar Phillipson as John F. Kennedy
  • Beth Grant as Lady Bird Johnson
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Robert F. Kennedy
  • Max Casella as Jack Valenti

Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie

Release Date:

The movie is plan to be released in the United States on December 2, 2016, by Fox Searchlight Pictures. So the movie had its world opening night at the Venice Film Festival on September 7, 2016. The movie also presented at the Toronto International movie Festival on September 11, 2016.

Jackie 2016 Hollywood Movie

Jackie is a full of suspense and Drama type movie on the base of true story. So, I hope you collected many information from this. For further information, you can visit the fantastic movie Patriots Day.

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