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Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie | Watch Full Movie Online

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie is a Spanish movie  written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. This movie is based on three short stories from the book Runaway (2004) written by Alice Munro. The story of this movie is about a heart-broken woman decides to comfront her life and the most important events about her stranded daughter, after a causal encounter. The movie opened on 8 April 2016 in Spain to normally good reviews and a little box-office opening than most of the director’s movies. It made its international launch at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, where it was nominate to participate for the Palme d’Or, and will be released over the world for the duration of   2016. Julieta has made over Fourteen Million Dollar worldwide.

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Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie:


This Movie was inspired by three short stories, ‘Chance’, ‘Soon’ and ‘Silence’, from the book Runaway (2004). Runaway Nobel Prize winning Book written by author Alice Munro, from whom Almodóvar bought the film rights in 2009. He later said he clearly asked for the rights due to the critical scenes that capture on a train: “There is something strangely intense about them”, he said. “A female, on a train, and it’s very difficult to shout”.

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie

The director disclose that he had not been totally  affectionate  to the source material. It is Almodóvar’s 3rd  movie  to be based on a different-language text, after Live Flesh (1997) and The Skin I Live In (2011). He 1st  titled the film Silencio (English: Silence), locate on the title of one of the small stories. But than convert it to Julieta in post-production to stay away from doubtness with Martin Scorsese’s Silence, which will also be screened in 2016.

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie

Almodóvar initially opinion Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie would present as his English-language movie launch, with American performer Meryl Streep in the main character, perform three type of the role at 20, 40 and 60 years old. He encounter with Streep, who accord to the idea, and search  place in Vancouver, Canada, where Munro based her stories. He also find the locations in the state of New York. But in the end decide not to proceed with plan, sad at the hope of filming in one nation  and intolerable with his capacity to write and film in English. After few years, members of his production team recommend that the script should be rechange but, this time, making the movie in Spain and making it in Spanish.

Story of Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie:

Julieta (Emma Suarez) is a middle-aged female living in Madrid with her lover  Lorenzo. They are proceed together to move to Portugal. When she by chance encounter with  Beatriz, old best friend of her daughter Antia. She know  that Antía, from whom she has long been alienate, is living in Switzerland and has three child. With the broken heart  after twelve  years of total absenteeism of her daughter.

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie

 Julieta refuse  the journey to Portugal and she moves to her old building. In the wish that Antia someday contact  with her mailing a letter. Alone with her idea, Julieta began to note her memories to face the pain of the incident occur when she was a young person  (Adriana Ugarte) and encounter  Xoan, a Galician fisherman. Falling in love with him, Julieta distribute her time between the family, the job and the education of Antia till a deadly accident turn their lives. Slowly deteriorate in a sadness, Julieta is help for Antia and Beatriz. But one day Antia goes lost immediately later a vacation with no hint about where to search.

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie

After Julieta breakdown  in the road but is gratefully seen by a newly-returned Lorenzo who goes with her to hospital. So, he go to see her flat where he search a letter from Antía. Which he carry to Julieta – along with her memoir, apparently unread. Antía speaks of the death of her son, which has extreamly overripe her and permit her to understand how Julieta must get the impression at their separation. She has also added a return address. The movie ends as Lorenzo and Julieta move to Switzerland and Julieta decide not to request an clarification directly to be with her daughter.


  • Emma Suárez as Julieta
  • Adriana Ugarte as younger Julieta
  • Daniel Grao as Xoan (Julieta’s partner)
  • Joaquín Notario as Samuel (Julieta’s father)
  • Susi Sánchez as Sara (Julieta’s mother)
  • Mariam Bachir as Sanáa (Julieta’s parents maid)
  • Inma Cuesta as Ava
  • Michelle Jenner as Beatriz
  • Pilar Castro as Claudia (Beatriz’s mother)
  • Darío Grandinetti as Lorenzo
  • Rossy de Palma as Marian

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie

Releasing Date:

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie opening night at La Sala Event Experience in Barcelona on 4 April 2016. It was also require to be show at the Yelmo Ideal cinema in Madrid on 6 April 2016, where Almodóvar had organize to convey conference and have photos. Julieta was released to the publicize on 8 April 2016 in Spain.

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie

It was then screened on 18 May in France, 26 May in Italy, and 23 June in Brazil.  This movie was also released on 8 July in Mexico. In the UK, the movie got its premiere at Somerset House. So, in the USA, Julieta will launch at the New York Film Festival.  Further, in Canada, it was screened at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Movie

Julieta 2016 Hollywood Film is a full of suspense movie. So, I hope you collected many information from this. For further information, you can visit the fantastic movie Passengers.

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