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Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie | Watch Online Trailer

Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie is a new 2016 American movie which is full of  suspense written by Knate Gwaltney and  directed by Luis Prieto. The movie stars are  Halle Berry as Karla McCoy, Sage Correa as Frankie McCoy,  Lew Temple and Chris McGinn.  A alone mother Karla McCoy  is living  a happy life with her little son Frankie . One day, during entering a local park, Karla watch her son immediately captured  by a kidnapper.A mother terminate at nothing to recapture her kidnapped child. Karla goes out on a mission to request to the citizen in the city to help recapture her son. Halle Berry causes multiple deaths in search for son. The Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie growth start in June 2009 and recording start on Oct 27, 2014 in New Orleans.

Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie:


The photography and recording  on the Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie start on Oct 27, 2014, in New Orleans, Louisiana. In mid-November, recording was also taking place in Slidell. recording would end in Dec 7, 2014.

Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie

New additions to the selection of Kidnap are Sage Correa, Lew Temple and Chris McGinn. They will co-star opposing Academy Award winner Halle Berry, who play the role as a mother who will never quit her mission to recapture her son.


Halle Berry got an Oscar Awrd. Now Halle Berry, is in her car with her lovely son, playing a game of brum-brum. Berry has taken her son to the park. If it were realistic, then all the parents would be exhaustedly flop, inside her son, busy at their phones, while their child spank each other with discarded sheath and get strike by bee.

Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie

Later few moment  Halle Berry looked where her son played with children, she realize that her son is misplaced. I think he might have been kidnapped. Yupe, there he is, being capture. Luckily, this is the year 2016 and Halle Berry has a understandable view of the kidnapper. Then, she require to do is call the police with the Van plate number and model of  the Van and they’ll be able to easily find it with helicopters.

She cannot do that, though, because her phone drop of her handbag throughout all the panic. Still, at least she looks like a responsible female. I see no actual cause why she cannot utilize the favour of the local law-enforcement organization to search her son. So, now that she knows who is making this movie, Halle Berry behave accordingly by track the car, strain this face a lot and shriek like she’s the final one standing in a slasher film.

Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie

Horrible View:

Now for the trailer of Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie most fearful, horrible view. At last seeing sense, Halle Berry contact to the police station to report her lost  son. An officer order her to wait and write a report, and that’s when Berry look whole the Notice and posters for lost children. She has an epiphany. “That’s what all these people did,” she murmur in a hunk of actual conversation that someone literally,  wrote. “They waited.” Yeah, that’s correct , whole you ignoramus,with abducted child. Therefore, you never got your kids back. It’s because you waste the time to report a police instead of random careless driving around the city smashing into things and wailing.

Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie

So Berry bounds into her car and effort to find the kidnapper. She also causes a number of dazzling car smashes along the way.  It’s safe to suppose that Halle Berry is now responsible for the destruction of wastage of life of many innocent people, but that maybe doesn’t matter.

In the last part of the trailer of Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie Berry gazing down her chikd’s kidnapper and snarling: “You took the mistake to kidnap my kid.” Not “kidnapper children is wrong, so please stop doing it”. Not “the police will be arrive here in a minute”. “You took the wrong kid.”


  • Halle Berry as Karla McCoy
  • Sage Correa as Frankie McCoy
  • Dana Gourrier as Deputy Sheriff
  • Lew Temple
  • Chris McGinn
  • Erica Curtis

Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie

Release Date:

You all know Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie according to old scheduled to release on October 9, 2015, but in July 2015. Now relativity Media will release the film on December 2, 2016. because the firm was facing economic and commercial crisis, before being re-scheduled to May 13, 2016.

Kidnap 2016 Hollywood Movie

Kidnap  is a full of suspense and thriller type movie. So, I hope you collected many information from this. For further information, you can visit the John Wick: Chapter 2.

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