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Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie | Watch Trailer & Read Story

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie: Karachi Se Lahore, the entertainment road trip film from previous year became one of the most loved films of 2015. The movie featured Ayesha Omer, Shahzad Sheikh, Javed Sheikh, Yasir Hussain and others. It rapidly rose to fame after publish and went on to make 10 crores domestically expressing it on the top 10 list of biggest grossing films in Pakistan. Lahore Se Aageya spin-off of previous year’s famous hit Karachi Se Lahore has ultimately published its problem, and its incredible displays of northern Pakistan will make you desire to parcel your suitcases and head north too. Manged and produced by Wajahat Rauf, the entertainment movie features Yasir Hussain and Saba Qamar in lead characters.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie:

Lahore Se Agay Will Be A Spin Off Movie Of Karachi Se Lahore:

Lahore Se Agay is a spinoff of previous year’s surprisingly good Karachi se Lahore. As the name recommends, this time the movie will feature places behind lahore. The trailer published today shows places from the northern regions which asserts that most of the film will take place in the northern regions.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie

Overview of Lahore Se Aagay:

Director Wajahat Rauf, later the release of Karachi Se Lahore, Yasir Hussain collected public recognition and became famous for his character of “Moti” so he detremined to make its sequel. Rauf said: Following the publish of Karachi Se Lahore, Moti became a enormous hit amongest the publics, so Yasir and I pronounced  to make a different movie starring just him. The movie is written by Yasir Hussain and he will play the lead character with Saba Qamar. Yasir has told in an discussion that the cast from Karachi Se Lahore will also make bit part impressions. The movie is shot in Karachi, Lahore and the northern areas of Pakistan. The cast also comprise Rubina Ashraf and Behroze Sabzwari where as Saba Qamar will play character of a rockstar. First look of the movie was displayed on 20 February 2016.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie Shooting:

Presently, shooting of the initial stage of the film has begun in Swat while the second stage will be shot in Islamabad next month.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie

The BTS shots and selfies definite seem like a lot of amusement. We wish the group all the best for ‘Lahore Se Aagay’ which definite seems like yet another commercial click from Wajahat Rauf.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie Story:

The movie rotates around another road-trip, beginning from Lahore around the Northern regions to meet Behroze Sabzwari, Moti’s uncle. During the trip, Moti meets Saba Qamar, a singer fighting through her career. Rubina Ahsraf will be seen in a supporting character.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie Cast:

The film will also star Behroze Sabzwari, Rubina Ashraf, Abdullah Farhatullah, Noor ul Hasan, Mubashir Malik and Omer Sultan. The movie is a romantic-comedy and will follow the experiences of a young couple set right later the events of Karachi Se LahoreWajahat said Saba will be playing the character of Tara, an urban girl in the film and just like Ayesha Omar’s role in the original film, her role will also go through a conversion.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie

About Songs:

The music writer confirmed the news in an excluding chatting with Brandsynario. “I am doing four songs in the film and I have also wrote film’s background score,” he said.

He also attached that the movie music will have a classic rock band feel which will banged a chord between public heart with beautiful structure.

“As the movie is about a rock band singer so you are served to knowledge some considerable rock music with the greatest use of guitar and drums producing an eclectic sound,” he attached.

While the musician stayed resistant in sharing singers’ name. But he referred to that no Indian voice would be perceived in the movie.

“Originally, I was reasonable to rope in some Indian singers but the type of voice I was looking for I simply found it locally so I didn’t take any singer from across the area. I trust in encourage raw talent and in this movie I have picked some new singers,” he attached.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie

There is a strong news for all Shiraz Uppal’s song. He has also provide his voice for a unusual song in Lahore Se Aagey.

“Yes, there is a condition based item number in the movie and I am sure people will love it only like Tutti Frutti, he attached.

Yasir Hussain Said:

The major lead of the movie, Yasir Hussain, playing the role of Moti said:

“Lahore Se Aagey has been one of my significant experiences so far. I had the chance to work with Wajahat (the director) on a pair of projects before as well. But it is mind-blowing to portion the screen with Saba for the initial time!”

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie

“We’ve been shooting the movie in Swat for the previous two days. I certainly don’t want to gust my own bellow, but it is being made on a greater than life canvas. And I can fairly say that this is one of the most promising movies to come out this year!”

Yasir Hussain further displayed that “The film does not star Shahzad Sheikh or Ayesha Omar. But Aashir Wajahat and Ahmed Ali might make a guest impression.”

According to Director:

According to the director of the movie Wajahat Rauf. The female guide will be seen developing as the film proceeds, only like the original movie. It’s official first examine will be out by this weekend.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie

Release Date:

Lahore Se Agay will be published Worldwide on November 11, 2016.

Lahore Se Aagay 2016 Lollywood Movie

Lahore Se Aagay is a interesting and comedy type movie. So, I hope you collected many information from this. For further information, you can visit the Ring.

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