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Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie | Watch Full Movie Online

Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie is a forthcoming 2016 Indian Tamil psychological thriller movie written and managed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy. The movie features Vijay Antony and Arundhathi Nair in the main characters and started production during January 2016. Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie publish date was delayed due to demonetization policy of Government policy. But has since been declared for December 2016. There have been details that the tale was modified from the novel “Aaah”, composed by the late writer Sujatha Rangarajan.

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Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie:


In June 2014, Vijay Antony declared that he was working on a assignment titled Saithan, which would start after the completion of his impending movies. Bike racer Alisha Abdullahalso enclosed that she would be a role of the movie during an meeting in October 2014, stating that it was a psychological thriller and build on the novel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The film started production during March 2015 and was finished in November 2015. Mainly shot around Chennai and Kerala.

Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie

Story Of Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie:

She also describes that it was a psychological thriller and build on the novel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The movie started production during March 2015 and was finished in November 2015. Mainly shot around Chennai, the film featured actress Arundhati Nair in the leading female character. The movie was enclosed to be in the post-production stages during February 2016, Saithan audio launched on Nov 3rd and film  planned to release on Dec 1, 2016.
Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie

Music Of Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie:

The audio goodness have been bought by Sony Music and the audio was published on November 3rd, 2016. The album has been written by Vijay Antony. The album comprises 4 tracks and 2 theme tracks. The songs of ‘Saithan’, exactly the “Jayalakshmi” track has heighten the interest between Vijay Antony’s fanbase. Sify rated the album 3/5 and expressed that the album “packs a punch”.

Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie

Vijay Antony’s ‘Saithan’ teaser faces criticism:

A few days before, the trailer of Vijay Antony starrer ‘Saithan’ came out. It actually stood out, thanks to the physiological/supernatural angle. However, not all are affected by it.
The trailer of the film contained a few verses in Sanskrit which has evidently hurt the sentiments of certain portions of the Hindu community. Vijay being actually understanding, sought to alter the lyrics of the trailer at once. He also published a statement claiming that the trailer with the revised lyrics will be published today and in the meantime, the old trailer will be separated from all social media platforms.

Vijay Antony’s Bethaludu, Saithan set to release date:

Famous Tamil music director, playback singer and actor Vijay Antony’s next Telugu-Tamil bilingual movie Bethaludu (Saithan in Tamil) is set to strike the screens worldwide on December 1. The film was delayed due to demonetization. The movie was firstly set to release in November but was pushed by 10 days, fearing economic losses.

“We are happy to declare the release date. After the announcement of demonetization by our ethical Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, people were in uncertainly and watching films was not on their mind. So, we delayed the film from November 18. Now we are happy to declare that we have locked December 1 as our new publish date.” said movie producer S Venugopal.

Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie

Many big movies including Dhruva, Intlo Dayyam Nakem Bhayyam and Okkadochadu have been delayed  in a similar way. Under Pradeep Kalipurayath’s direction, Bethaludu features Vijay in the main character. The performer shot to celebrity after his latest Tamil action drama Pichaikkaran, which had collected in over Rs 5 crore only on its opening weekend.

The movie’s teaser also gained a lot resistance on YouTube as the filmmakers launched a 10-minute long teaser of the film, saying the movie has “set a new record” in its development. Being a famous music director, Vijay Antony, is also provided scores for the movie. The movie is produced by S Venugopal under the posters of Manas Rishi Enterprises and Win Win Win Creations.

Since this is Vijay Antony’s next movie after blockbuster Tollywood blockbuster Bichagadu, describes also suggest that the marketing is betting high on this movie and the films said to have a stunning pre-release business.

Marketing And Distribution:

The performer (Vijay Antony) released the official trailer on YouTube on September 19, 2016. As of 21st Nov 2016, the trailer has been viewed over 2.7 Million times. In a valiant move, the makers screened a 5 minute opening video of the film and the ‘Jayalakshmi’ video song for the attendees of the audio launch. The video has also been published at YouTube on November 17, 2016. The makers received positive answer for the opening video. The opening video has also been observed 1.2 Million times in 3 days. (as of November 21, 2016).

Cast Of Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie:

  • Vijay Antony as Dinesh
  • Arundathi Nair as Devagi/ ishwarya/ jayalakshmi
  • Charuhasan
  • Meera Krishnan
  • Y. G. Mahendra
  • Siddhartha Shankar
  • Kamal Krishna
  • Aadukalam Murugadoss
  • Vijay Sarathy
  • Kitty

Release Date Of Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie:

The Tamil Nadu distribution goodness have been sold to Auraa Cinemas. The movie also received a U/A Rating from the CBFC. Meanwhile, the movie received an 18 (Adults) rating from the LPF Board in Malaysia. The satellite goodness have also been snatched by SUN TV. The makers were focusing for a November 18th release, but the film ended up being delayed to December 1st,2106 due to the Demonetisation problems. In the overseas markets, Malik Streams Corporation (distributor of movies such as Theri, Kabali, Miruthan) has bought the distribution goodness in Malaysia later the opening video had been published online. Swamy Movies Ltd had bought the distribution goodness in the UK. The BBFC has also given the film an 12A Rating without cuts.

Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie

Saithan 2016 Tamil Movie is a interesting and thriller type movie. So, I hope you collected many information from this. For further information, you can visit the Vishwaroopam II.

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